Help/Data Package for Non-Internet Solarwinds Environment

Would you be interested in have a help or data supplemental package with your Solarwinds Solution.  For those of us that have Solarwinds on networks that are not connected to the internet, there are occasions where we run into needing a little bit more information. 




1.  Navigate to your Solarwinds Home Page.  Far upper right-hand corner there is a "? Help" button.  When I click on it, the page redirects to  Well unfortunately, google is not allowed on this network.  It would be great to have it navigate to an internal directory structure to get information.


2.  Navigate to My Dashboards > NPM Summary > Manage Nodes > [select a node] > Edit Properties


     A.  Under Polling Method, we see "Help me choose a polling method"  help icon.  Unfortunately, it goes google for more answers, which google is not allowed.

     B.  Scroll further down to Active Directory Domain Controller section.  Here we see a help icon "What privileges do I need?".  When I click on that it again goes out to google to get the information.


I would be interested to have a supplemental package that would provide a directory structure that would provide answers to this information.  Maybe similar to a help library or "Man Page" (Unix) so I could get a basic or advanced answer.  I understand it can not contain every scenario, but enough to provide data to answer the question or additional resources to look for the answer.


If this was possible, I suppose there would have to be a setting to look internally for information opposed to looking externally for it.

Poll Results
  • Please provide a Help Library Package (50%)
  • Please provide a Man Page (Unix) Package (6%)
  • Some basic definitions and help would be great (19%)
  • No thank you.  Do not need anymore information. (25%)


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