Do you support/host an SAP landscape?

For those few of us who are fortunate enough to have SAP running in our landscapes we appreciate the weight it carries in regards to priority and business criticality. If you have been "blessed", like I have, to be involved with SAP administration then you have been exposed to the world of SAP, how they do things, and the term, "SAPenese". (Treatment for much of this exposure involves sitting... alone... in the dark... for an extended period... contemplating your decisions in life)


Regardless, I would love to hear your feedback. And for those lucky ones not involved in anyway with SAP this is our opportunity to open our can of SAP crazy and show them real pain, real frustration.

Poll Results
  • Yes! And I am involved in SAP administration (aka "Basis" administration) (7%)
  • Yes! But another team/individual is responsible for SAP administration (14%)
  • No. (74%)
  • Other (Please comment below) (4%)


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