What role do you play?

Not talking about D&D, World of Warcraft, or any other role playing games (which might be the next poll).  I went graduated with a degree in Computer Information Systems Technology with no specialization in any field - so basically a JOATMON so I could start in consulting to make $$$$.  Now that it has been at least 16 years since I graduated, the roles I have had was web/desktop development, Access/SQL Server/Oracle DBA, Applications Specialist, Network/Sys Admin, Technical Writer, Security Admin, Compliance Manager, IT Manager, and several other roles that I don't really know if they have their own classification.  So I am wondering what roles you have performed in your years of IT service.

Poll Results
  • Helpdesk / Apps / System Support (10%)
  • Applications / Business / Systems Analyst / mad skillz devops (11%)
  • DBA (0%)
  • Net/Sys Engineer (24%)
  • Net/Sys Administration / OS (16%)
  • QA / Validation / Documentation (1%)
  • Auditing / Compliance (PCI/FISMA/SOX) / Risk Mgmt (1%)
  • Security (InfoSec / NetSec / Sec Specialist) (4%)
  • Leadership role - IT Mgr / Dir / VP / CIO (11%)
  • Combo or all of the above - please leave comment (23%)


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