Are you or your peers "IT Superstitious?"

Are you in an environment where it's just uncanny how the network can have problems as soon as someone mentions "how good the network's been lately"?


Is it just you, or your team, the whole IT department, or your entire organization?


And how bad IS it?

Poll Results
  • There's absolutely NO superstition, no correlation, between network/services/servers downtime and comments by staff.  We can safely talk about the network at any time:  "It's been a long time since we've had any outages!"  And no outages will mysteriously appear shortly thereafter. (31%)

  • We've seen unlikely correlations between talking about the network and it going down. (16%)

  • SHHH!  The NETWORK will HEAR YOU!!! (31%)

  • Well, NOW you did it!  The network saw me access your poll, and now it's all gone to heck.  Thanks a lot! (16%)

  • Please see my Comment below--you don't know the half of it! (6%)



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