Would you be interested in a currency-based THWACK store?

I cannot describe how much I "LOVE" signing into the thwack community website every day to see great comments, take polls, participate in discussions, but most importantly - the contests with prizes (YES!!!).  One of the great things THWACK offers is their point-based store to get fantastic THWACK / SOLARWINDS merchandise.  I had missed some of the previous items to win (like the Solarwinds Wars t-shirts for a previous contest - my fav was "these are not the OIDs you are looking for"), and I was wondering if there was an opportunity to purchase them after the contest.  There are other sites out there for geeks and geek merchandise, but they cannot even come near the great IT-based material that I find in the monthly contests when I log into THWACK. 


So my poll question is, if the opportunity came up to be able to purchase previously offered contest merchandise, would you pay for it now that they are no longer offered?  I know that I would.  I am very interested in finding out what the rest of you think.

Poll Results
  • Absolutely yes (56%)

  • Don't think so - I like limited edition (44%)



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