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Acknowledging that different areas have different understandings or ideas about what constitutes barbecue, what does it mean to you?  Many will turn to outdoor cooking for the upcoming Independence Day holiday.  In the American South, barbecue means pork smoked at low temperature over several hours.  Within the South, there are numerous variations on technique, sauce, and method of smoking.  In Texas, and some surrounding areas, it means slow-smoked brisket, while in some other parts of the country barbecue means anything cooked on a grill.

Poll Results
  • Pork - smoked low and slow (18%)
  • Beef - brisket smoked low and slow (21%)
  • Chicken or other meat smoked low and slow (12%)
  • Anything cooked on a grill (38%)
  • Don't distinguish between a grill and a smoker (7%)
  • Other - please leave a comment (4%)


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