WHD: Why have you not upgraded yet?

Many users are actually not running last version of WHD and there could be many reasons why, what is your reason?


Please vote and if you don't find a match for your situation comment and let us know! Thanks!

Poll Results
  • I have last version and live happily since then (21%)
  • I always use one version back as I believe it is more stable (9%)
  • There were not enough compelling features to motivate me to upgrade (10%)
  • WHD upgrade process is too difficult so I avoid it (1%)
  • My organization's processes are complex and slowing down my upgrade (6%)
  • I'm not using WHD actively anymore (5%)
  • I tried to upgrade and failed, so I stayed with older version (1%)
  • Other reason and I comment below what is it (5%)
  • I don't own WHD (42%)


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