Do You Even DevOps, Bruh?

From the ThwackCamp panel discussion to numerous mentions in GeekSpeak articles to various essays posted online, we've been talking the DevOps talk a lot this year. And that's not likely to slow down in 2016, either.


But the question in my mind (today, at least) is whether you - our loyal Thwack-izens, would self-identiffy as DevOps? Are you DevOps curious? Are some of your best friends DevOps?


Or does the whole DevOps discussion leave you cold, feeling like this is another trendy term that will fade away once people realize it's all just a fancy way of saying "getting **I.T. done, just like we always have."


Either way, let me know below:

Poll Results
  • DevOps is my primary job (9%)

  • I'm part-time DevOps (13%)

  • I like the idea of DevOps, but haven't had a chance to really dig into it. (30%)

  • Enough with the DevOps talk already! (25%)

  • Not EVERYTHING is DevOps. Monitoring is fine by itself. (23%)



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