The award for best mission of 2015 goes to ...

It's that time of the year when we make lists of what worked well during the past 12 months, lists of what we're planning on doing in the next year or, why not, lists of what we want from Santa.

That's why, here's a list of the already famous thwack Monthly Missions. Pick your favorite (yes, just one, we know it's a tough decision!). and do share with us, in the comments section, any kind of feedback you think might help us improve these missions in the future.


If you want to take a trip down the memory lane, you can find them here. Just don't forget to come back, and click on that vote button.

Poll Results
  • January - Help Desk Resolutions (12%)

  • February - Earn Your Security Stripes (12%)

  • March - Planet Of The Apps (7%)

  • April - Configure This (5%)

  • May - Get Your **IT Together (8%)

  • July - Happy SysAdmin Day (9%)

  • August - thwackCamp: The Mission (9%)

  • October - Threat Hunters (15%)

  • November- Rage Against the Virtual Machine (10%)

  • December - Return Of The DBA (13%)



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