Branded SWAG: What should we do next?

I think it's a fair assumption that SolarWinds has been killing the t-shirt game this year.  From the 2015 tradeshow "Heart IT", The Node Abides Contest, Rage Against the Virtual Machine, and you can't forget the latest (collect all 4!) IT Is Your Destiny shirts. We're looking to mix things up in the new year and want to hear your suggestions.


What branded SolarWinds SWAG would you like to see in 2016?  Please submit your ideas in the comments section if your suggestion isn't listed!!

Poll Results
  • Cooler (soft or hard shell) (8%)
  • Hat (baseball, beanie, etc.) (10%)
  • Cycling jersey (6%)
  • Socks (5%)
  • Boxers (5%)
  • Stadium cushion (0%)
  • Folding chair (2%)
  • Duffle/Gym bag (10%)
  • Tech/tool kit (46%)
  • Drink ware (water bottle, mugs, flask, stadium cups, etc.) (8%)


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