How do you handle Cisco QoS?

I still hear from clients who believe I can provide them a 1 gallon bucket that will hold 10 gallons.  Or in other words, they're used to Gigabit + speeds via LAN, but when they go to my regional sites they get 3 Mb or 5 Mb WAN functionality because that's all that's available, or all their budget will support.


Yes, QoS is mandatory at these sites. 


But the folks in Management would like to extend big imaging services out to these remote locations, and have those images fly through at campus LAN speeds--all while not impacting VoIP at the regional sites.


What do you use for selecting the right QoS settings, CoS, ToS, DiffServ, etc. on your gear?

Poll Results
  • Set the uplink ports to auto trust & hope for the best (24%)
  • Get granular, define every packet and where it will fall, explain to the customers that resends and dropped packets are the rule when WAN speeds are low (28%)
  • Other:  please use the Comment section to describe your methodology for handling Cisco QoS. (6%)
  • What's QoS? (11%)
  • We don't use QoS. (24%)
  • We would never overload a WAN circuit--there's always enough bandwidth, so QoS settings don't kick in. (8%)


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