Favorite MMORPG?

Lets face it, we sit at a desk and stare at a screen for most of our day then do what? We go home, sit at our desk, stare at our screen and become.... THORAXE THE BARBARIAN!!! Champion of the Realm and Keeper of the Dragonstone! Smiting his foes with his Enchanted Bloodying Battle Axe +20!! *cough cough* I Digress, So which Realm do you immerse yourself to become the person/elf/cyborg/etc. you always wanted to be? (In short, Which mmorpg do you enjoy the most? )

Poll Results
  • World of Warcraft (33%)

  • Guild Wars (3%)

  • Elder Scrolls Online (13%)

  • Tera (2%)

  • EverQuest (7%)

  • Runescape (4%)

  • WHAT?!!? My Realm is not listed!! (Comment below to proclaim your realm) (38%)


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