This poll ended on Jul 6, 2015.

Network Configuration Manager (NCM) Ecourse/Ebook Ideas

I'm going to be focusing on either an ecourse or ebook for NCM.


Here are the following ideas please vote on which one you would like to see the most.  Also, if you have your own ideas please choose other and comment so I can take this into account!


  1. Common Uses and Practices
    1. Custom properties and groups
    2. Commonly scheduled jobs
    3. Real-time change setup
    4. Compliance implementation and remediation
    5. Approval system setup
    6. Vulnerability uses
    7. Troubleshooting
    8. EOL/EOE
    9. Inventory
    10. Script management
  2. Compliance
    1. Implementation
    2. Remediation
    3. Federal use cases
    4. Payment Credit Industry
    5. Healthcare
    6. General in house security
  3. NCM Quick Implementation
    1. Discovery and setup
    2. User setup
    3. Grouping and Custom Properties
    4. Scheduled jobs
    5. RTN
    6. Approval setup
    7. EOL/EOE
    8. Script management
    9. Change Template usage
    10. Compliance setup
    11. Vulnerability
  4. NCM Security Abilities
    1. Grouping and Custom Properties
    2. Approval system setup
    3. RTN
    4. Compliance implementation/remediation
    5. Vulnerability
    6. Scheduled jobs



Poll Results
  • 1. Common Uses and Practices (56%)
  • 2. Compliance (20%)
  • 3. NCM Quick Implementation (13%)
  • 4. NCM Security Abilities (10%)
  • Other - please leave a comment (1%)


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