Would you watch a SolarWinds reality TV show?

Before you answer, consider the reality shows out there already:

  • Duck Dynasty
  • Honey Boo-Boo
  • Storage Wars
  • Swamp People
  • Ice Road Truckers
  • Finding Bigfoot
  • Ax Men

After interacting with all of my co-workers and product users, I realized that the software development process can be...entertaining, to say the least. Trust me, if you're a geek, there are some strange characters here, especially me. I would watch religiously. Be great marketing too. We can name it something slick like, "Developers," or "Thwack Men."

At least you wouldn't lose IQ points by watching our show. (Although, I must confess that I have watched the other shows I've listed...and screamed in agony from time to time.)

(Hey, my thwack snuggie went from dream to reality!)

Poll Results
  • Yes, I'd watch. (55%)
  • No, who has time for TV? (45%)


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