WHD: Bar code scanning use-cases - what are your priorities?

One of requested features we hear from you is support for bar code scanning. There are various use-cases for such feature. To better understand what you would like to have, please vote on this poll to indicate priorities. Which use-case is most important for you?


There is also separate poll to vote for various bar code scanning solutions: WHD: What Bar Code Scanning Solutions you have or want? Please vote there too!


  • Is there a use-case missing? Please put it into comments.
  • Is one vote not enough? Please indicate your priorities in the comments and list all use-cases in order of priorities.
  • Do you have an opinion on listed use-cases or generally this feature? Please let us know!


Thanks, Peter


PS. Here are few feature requests related to bar code scanning:

Poll Results
  • Asset Inventory (update location of asset, owner or audit date in WHD). User walks around office and scans devices to update their location, audit date or other parameters. Identify moved assets or missing assets (53%)
  • Scan asset's bar code to create a new ticket for that asset (11%)
  • Scan asset's bar code to find out more about device like history of tickets or asset parameters (9%)
  • Scan the barcode (e.g. serial number) for in-coming assets to matched with the PO (and found who requested it) and to record them into inventory (11%)
  • Easy Check-in & Check-out for reservations (scan the bar code and assign to someone else) (5%)
  • Re-assign assets easily (e.g. person brings me asset, I scan it to clear the assigned user, I scan a replacement laptop and specify which user I’m giving it to) (3%)
  • Generate a QR code for the person. Print on the back of our ID Badges. When an employee parts with the company, or when the teachers go home for the summer, I can scan the QR and see a page of assets that should be returned (9%)


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