How do you gather your reports?

In my current position, I work with a new client almost every week. This exposure has shown me a couple of things about how clients are using reports. Generally speaking, they fall into one of two categories.


  1. They use the native reporting options from SolarWinds and have me make them less than 5 custom SQL reports.
  2. They want a ton of custom SQL reports (no complaints here, I love those gigs!) and lament some of the limitations on the current reporting options.


For the latter, it seems intuitive that they leverage SSRS since it's a free product for licensed SQL environments and it has an almost unlimited potential. However, the skills to configure and maintain SSRS are not always readily available.


For the uninitiated: SSRS


That being said, I wonder if my experiences are biased as those shops that have successful SSRS installations may not be the typical clients that I work with. How do you approach reporting in your company?

Poll Results
  • We stick with the built-in functionality and have not identified any needs past this (28%)
  • We use the built-in functionality, but would really like to create a custom reporting environment that can scale across multiple SQL databases (29%)
  • We really never pull reports at all. If something goes red, we make it go green. (14%)
  • We have an amazing custom reporting environment that is the envy of all... (20%)
  • Other - please leave a comment (9%)


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