How worried are you after the Home Depot breach?

As if we hadn't heard about enough breaches lately, Home Depot is the latest to confirm that they were victims of a breach (Point of Sales malware strikes again, as with Target, Nieman Marcus, Dairy Queen, among others).


How worried are you after this latest round of breaches? What implications does this have for the future of data security? Vote and comment below!


PS: Be sure to check out adatole's post on detecting one such source of PoS malware here on thwack.

Poll Results
  • So worried that I’m building an underground shelter (11%)
  • Kind of worried, and I’ve replaced all my credit cards (14%)
  • I’ve given it some thought, but Destiny just came out so meh... (40%)
  • I don’t do home improvement so I’m not worried (25%)
  • I’m invincible to threats. Want my credit card number? (11%)


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