IF.... I could retire Monday, I would......?

Your SPAM filter was'nt lying and surprise you actually did win the lottery and now you are independently wealthy that fast! Congratulations! Monday other than letting everyone know how you really feel about them what is your "Paradise"?

Poll Results
  • A dark quiet gamer cave with every technical itch scratched complete with servants to attend? (15%)
  • A private plane and new luggage....gonna live on the road seeing the world? (19%)
  • A RV camper/Jumbo bus touring the open roads and scenery, camping at will? (9%)
  • A career in politics..like we would VOTE for YOU! (3%)
  • A hidden remote ranch with all modern luxuries but removed from the beaten path? (34%)
  • A mad scientist lab and finally you can focus on reanimation of the dead? (4%)
  • Purchase an island and live "Castaway" style...with geek toys! (10%)
  • Other...(requires a comment) (6%)


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