SAN - Vendor Solution or DIY

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Nowadays, community and enterprise-backed Software Defined Storage solutions easily topple and dethrone what has so far been a vendor dominated storage landscape. You can now get, at the very least, 50% more performance at 50% of the price. This and all the features you'd expect like redundancy, dedupe, snapshots etc are also included.

When it comes to SAN and what you get from your investment in terms of performance, scalability, capacity and features.. do you rely on a preferred storage vendor to deliver or do you build your own solution?

If you've looked into building your own solution, what have you looked into and found so far? What is your point of view on vendor based SAN solutions VS community and enterprise backed DIY solutions?

Poll Results
  • I rely on my storage vendor to deliver my storage requirements (40%)
  • I currently rely on my storage vendor but I am seeking other means of fulfilling my storage requirements (17%)
  • I am already using a DIY SAN solution (14%)
  • I have no idea, I just like to vote! (28%)


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