How Do You Sort "All Nodes"?

Now that I have used Solarwinds in two different companies, I have had a chance to see quite a bit of variance with how the environments can be set up. The thing I noticed immediately from my previous job to my current was how the All Nodes tree was organized on the Orion Summary Home Page. My previous company was global, with sites in all major regions of the world (we had them grouped as North America, South America, Europe, and Asia). We added custom fields to all of our nodes so that we could list out the city and region where each node resided, and the All Nodes tree started with Region and then continued to each city. Each site had an almost identical infrastructure which was listed under the city where it was located, with all nodes in one group for the site, regardless of status. I could quickly look at a site and see all the nodes in line and what their status was.


At my new company, the business is centered around a single office, so the above approach would not be feasible. Upon implementing, they chose to go with a grouping by Vendor and Status.


This got me wondering how other people set up their Solarwinds environment with regard to this small, but critical piece, and I was hoping to get an idea of the most popular method. Though it is not mentioned much, this tree is probably looked at more than any other segment of the environment, and is very important for a quick view of the health of the systems. How do you Sort "All Nodes"?

Poll Results
  • Vendor (32%)
  • Status (9%)
  • Machine Type (13%)
  • Location (22%)
  • Custom Field - Please Leave a Comment (15%)
  • Other or Combination of Groupings - Please Leave a Comment (10%)


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