Does your organization use Mobile Device Management or MDM?

With the explosion of smart mobile devices, both tablets and phones and end users wanting to connect them for email, remote access (VPN), wireless etc. How are you handling this?  Does your organization even see this as a problem?  What level of control are you looking for?  Do you care if they have apps like DropBox are installed on them and uploading corporate files without your knowledge?


When I talk about Mobile Device Management I mean specifically things like:

  • Remotely manage and setup end users mobile devices (i.e. Google Android or Apple iOS) with the settings for service such as email access, wireless, VPN etc.
  • Enforce corporate security standards and best practices such as ensuring a pass-code is set or disabling certain feature or functions on the device like the camera
  • Ability to remotely wipe a device if lost or stolen
  • Report on types of devices, the hardware and software installed on them in your environment
  • Track users or stolen devices via GPS
Poll Results
  • We don't have anything in place and are looking for something - please add to the comment section which use case you care about solving (14%)
  • We already have a solution in place to solve this - please add to the comment section which product you use (29%)
  • Not a problem our organization is worried about solving (25%)
  • We're fine with the basic capabilities already provided with Exchange ActiveSync (force pin, remote wipe) (18%)
  • This is a problem in our organization, but not a priority to solve right now (14%)


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