Do you know about our Ambassadors?

Every week we feature 1 or 2 thwack Ambassadors to spark discussion on relevant topics in the IT industry.  Each of these bloggers are focused on a specific area such as Network Management, Server & Application, Storage, Virtualization, etc.  We also link to their most recent posts on the home page. 


Question is, do you know about our Ambassadors?  If so, do you make a point to read their posts each week?


I realize this question also invites some feedback so, please leave a comment below.  Would you like to see an announcement of all of our quarterly Ambassadors and their bios before hand?  Do you have any topic suggestions that you would like to see covered in the future?  Let us know!

Poll Results
  • No, but now I do! (58%)
  • Yes, I read their posts every week. (18%)
  • Yes, but I do not read their posts every week. (24%)


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