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Who polls it better (my version of who wore is better)

I see some polls are created just to get points (we've all done that at least once), but I was honestly who creates the best polls.  Would you say that the community members do because some of them are either related to our industry, or that they are just so off the wall?  Or do you think the Thwack moderators do because it has to deal with getting more out of Thwack and the Solarwinds product line (as well as engaging with the community to make it better)?

Poll Results
  • Definitely the Thwack moderators - they keep it to the point yet also interesting/engaging (29%)
  • Definitely the Thwack community members - those cats are CRAY CRAY!! (8%)
  • Mix of both - all polls to date are awesome (57%)
  • Neither - I have not answered one poll yet and am not about to start..well except for this, then that's it...unless there is another really good one...but no more (6%)


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