If you attended the webcast last week with Tony Redmond and Lawrence Garvin, many of you had questions.  Many were answered during the webcast, but here are the answers below with handy links.  For those who did not attend, checkout the replay.



Below are the questions asked by attendees and the answers.

Q: Is AppInsight for Exchange (Server & Application Monitor) agentless?

A: Yes, no agents needed.  Data is collected via PowerShell scripts and polled every 5 minutes.


Q: Any extra key benefits for a small company with around 250 users? Justification for budget is key

A: Is email critical to the operation of your company? If the answer is yes, then having a tool that can proactively monitor performance is a must.  Server & Application Monitor also provides monitoring of key infrastructure and applications to include: server hardware health (Dell, HP, IBM System X), virtual infrastructure health (VMware & Hyper-V), application performance to include Active Directory, Lync, ActiveSync and many other apps.


Q: Are you able to track failed logins from synced devices, and alert / report on them?

A This can be done using SAM’s Windows Event Log Monitor, but is not a function of AppInsight for Exchange as it is focused exclusively towards the Mailbox Role. Failed Login attempts by mobile devices would be a function of the CAS role.  


Q: Do you monitor Public Folders in 2010/monitoring for Public Folder replication?

A: No, this is a feature that did not make the release.  Please create an enhancement request if this is something you require. http://thwack.solarwinds.com/community/application-and-server_tht/server-and-application-monitor/server-and-application-monitor-feature-requests


Q: Do you support Exchange 2007?

A: With Server & Application Monitor, there are many templates available to monitor Exchange 2007.  The capability in AppInsight for Exchange only is supported for 2010 and 2013 environments.



Q: Does it support DAG monitoring

A: Yes.  AppInsight for Exchange notifies you if mailbox databases are mounted on the preferred server, performs replication checks and compiles performance metrics across databases, regardless of server the database is mounted on.


Q: How challenging is it to install?

A: This product is not challenging to install and we find most customers can get it up and running in about an hour.  Here is a link to the product documentation. http://thwack.solarwinds.com/docs/DOC-1107


Q: Substantial number of pre-requisites needed on the Exchange servers before you can use AppInsight. If we are not Exchange experts, where can we get detailed information on how to set these up

A: Sometimes there are changes that need to be made to the Exchange server.  Here is a summary of the KB articles.  Here is the KB articles for installinghttp://knowledgebase.solarwinds.com/kb/search/?q=SolarWinds+Knowledge+Base+%3A%3A+AppInsight+for+Exchange

Once you download the product you will be contacted by a sales person who can help you get your evaluation deployed.


Q: what is the difference between APM and SAM?

A: Server & Application Monitor (SAM) was formerly named Application Performance Monitor (APM).  APM also refers to an industry term – Application Performance Management.


Q: What is your roadmap for updating you current CAS templates?

A: Please submit an enhancement request.  Here is a link to where the product roadmap can be found. Server & Application Monitor - What We're Working on Beyond v6.0


Q: Can we edit the Expert Knowledge base to add or own information?

A: Yes, the expert knowledge can be edited for your specific best practices


Q: What monitoring do you have for the CAS role?

A: http://thwack.solarwinds.com/docs/DOC-167037 All the details are included in this document.


Q: How does the application scale as you increase the number of databases and additional copies?

A: databases are discovered dynamically.  There is no limitation to the number of users or databases managed.