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Cleveland, Ohio 10:43 AM

  • CompanySolarWinds
  • ExpertiseSolarWinds (duh!)
    Also worked with BMC Patrol. HP Openview, IBM Tivoli, Nagios, Zenoss, NetIQ, and much, much more!
    Javascript, Vbscript, and Perl script kiddie
    Wordpress afficianado
    Web design

    Certified in Stage Combat (quarterstaff, broadsword, rapier-dagger)
    WordPerfect 5.1 Certified Resource
    Linux fanboy
  • BiographyIn my sordid career, I have been an actor, bug exterminator and wild-animal remover (nothing crazy like pumas or wildebeasts. Just skunks and raccoons.), electrician, carpenter, stage-combat instructor, American Sign Language interpreter, and Sunday school teacher.

    Oh, and I work with computers.

    Since 1989 (when you got a free copy of Windows 286 on twelve 5¼” floppies when you bought a copy of Excel 1.0) I have worked as a classroom instructor, courseware designer, desktop support tech, server support engineer, and software distribution expert.

    Then about 14 years ago I got involved with systems monitoring. I've worked with a wide range of tools: Tivoli, Nagios, Patrol, ZenOss, OpenView, SiteScope, and of course SolarWinds. I've designed solutions for companies that were extremely modest (~10 systems) to those that were mind-bogglingly large (250,000 systems in 5,000 locations). During that time, I've had to chance to learn about monitoring all types of systems – routers, switches, load-balancers, and SAN fabric as well as windows, linux, and unix servers running on physical and virtual platforms.
  • Member SinceApril 20, 2010
  • CountryUnited Kingdom



Skills and Expertise

  • juggling3
  • asl1
  • css1
  • french1
  • html1
  • ms-sql1

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