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The day a senior member of staff came to me with a blackberry problem and misinformed me that his blackberry account was on our BEZ server. Admittedly I was misinformed by the user himself (dull moment on my part for believing him). I proceeded to talk him through a 'factory reset', unaware of what lurked just around the corner; but it was too…
I've searched the forums and SolarWinds knowledgebase and I can't find the answer.  I currently use a SQL query to get unmanaged nodes, but it only partially works.  I need to know when nodes are planned in the future.  Here's the query I used:   SELECT n.caption as Node , '/Orion/NetPerfMon/NodeDetails.aspx?NetObject=N%3a' +… (Show more)
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Whenever a client creates a ticket it goes in approval process and the client gets the intimation Email of ticket creation but the client is not aware about the approval process as currently it can be only seen with the tech ID. So they keep on calling Tech's for the current status of the ticket. So our suggestion is that the approval status bar…
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We use DHCP from Cisco Wireless Controller to assign IP addresses to wireless clients. WLC supports CLI, but is quite different from IOS and IPAM cannot retrieve DHCP information. Please add Cisco WLC support to IPAM DHCP capabilities.
We moved to full office 365 Exchange only.   No more on premise servers.   When can we see monitoring for Office 365?
If a community edition for licensing is made available it will help for scenarios where number of devices are very very less. There are Free tools available from Solarwinds for across Plugins but if its available in 1 package giving all features then it will be very simple and straight forward.   Some other enterprise tools in market provide…
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Hi all ,   i need to install these 3 products :   SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor SL100 SolarWinds NetFlow Traffic Analyzer Module for SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor SL100 SolarWinds Network Configuration Manager DL200 my understanding is that NPM can be installed with NTA on the same server but with different databases and… (Show more)
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Description: The Linux and Monitoring Engineer will be responsible to day-to-day systems engineering duties (build/run) with a focus on Linux systems and Orion Monitoring infrastructures. The engineer should be well-versed in Red Hat and derivatives (RHEL, CentOS, Oracle Enterprise Linux, Fedora): design, build, maintain, orchestrate, policy, and… (Show more)
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Hi, I need assistance from an experienced SolarWinds trainer/expert to help educate me on following topics relating to solarwinds. I have used other monitoring products before so i assume i got the basic level of understanding around Solarwinds, just need few hours of QA session with an experienced individual to help elaborate further on certain… (Show more)
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