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For the past many moons, I have been searching for a way to improve our process of adding/viewing graphs. Our Engineer(s) ask to see views with various graphs, from many different nodes/interfaces, together in a single place. Over the years, this has piled up into too many views to manage. We have come up with various different solutions, mostly…
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Hey guys i'm trying to create an alert to get an email when the disk space of any servers get under 10gb but i don't want this alert to pop out for a specific machine type. Right now my alert is checking every C:\ But is it possible to exclude windows 7 from this alert ? The alert is looking for a volume not a node, and when i tried to add the… (Show more)
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ken hales
I need to create an alert that will trigger when the messages / hour value (custom MIB) drops below a predefined threshold.  I'm having problems trying to find any supporting documentation that can assist me in doing so.  Can anyone help?   Ken
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Hi All, So due to one of the Windows Updates to .Net 4.6, our primary SW server was in a state of BSOD regularly, so we built a new server, shutdown the old, spun up the new, reinstalled SW Orion, reattached the DB, and everything is just about OK.  I cleaned up the DB with the proper websites and servers, the 2nd poller still wouldn't… (Show more)
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We are trying to work on alert clean up in the system and set our alerts so that all configured alerts will integrate with WHD and create a ticket.    I'm currently having issues with the node down alerts and the high packet loss alerts.  From reading online the system determines if a nodes status by ping every 120 seconds (we left the default… (Show more)
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So I am baffled at the moment. One of my application owners created a report--he's sent me a screenshot of it--and he is having problems with it, but I cannot see the report in order to assist him. I am logged on with Administrative rights to the system, Orion Platform version 2017.3.4 SP4, NPM version 12.2. I was under the impression that… (Show more)
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Environment: vMan Orion 8.1 (no appliance) and Orion 2017.3 with SAM 6.5   Objective: List any disk from any VMs managed by vMan with utilization >90%.  These VMs are only managed by vMan. That is not managed by SAM thus the VMs are not managed nodes from Orion perspective. In other words, I like to show them in an Orion Summary page from the… (Show more)
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