Announcement 1 THWACK Monthly Mission - November 2019

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THWACK Monthly Mission - November 2019
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You lean back in your chair and close your eyes, imagining a clear blue sea, dazzling white sand, and endless palm trees. Next to you, there’s a small table with a slushy drink inside of an umbrella-topped pineapple. You can almost feel the soft breeze wafting against the back of your neck. Welcome to Help Desk Paradise.   Here,

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What's a SWUG™?  The short answer is it's an extension of this online community, delivering over 14 hours  of technical, hands-on education for free.  We started this program in 2015 and in 2020, we're back and—literally—bigger  than ever with two full days in cities across the globe. SWUG connects you

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