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Anyone have any upgrade experiences for the general release?   We are looking to upgrade our entire SW suite in addition to NPM and would like to hear any feedback.   Also, is the RC code the same as the GR code?   Thanks in advance

Wendy Abbott
The hackers are out there, and Backup to the Future is here to save your servers, your data, and your valuable time!   You are the driver of the time machine, and your seven-segment display should always show red for the future destination of secured backups of all your servers. Whether your time machine seats two or twenty, SolarWinds®
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Leon Adato
Recently, ITWorld asked me to share some thoughts on "IT's Worst Addictions (And How to Cure Them)" ( While I had shared a number of thoughts on the topic, space and format restricted the post so that only a couple of my ideas were printed. I wanted

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