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    Unable to monitor Netscaler device


      I've run into an issue while attempting to monitor some Citrix Netscalers. If I just try to add them I get a "device does not support the Interfaces MIB". If I add it via the web site, it just comes up without anything to actually monitor. Checking on the node properties I can see that it is gathering the syscontact and syslocation type of SNMP values, but nothing else. If I then try to add any universal device pollers (even the ones I've found in the content exchange section of this site) I get a timeout error when trying to test. Does anyone have any insight on how to get data from these Netscalers? It seems like it's not simply an access problem like community string or firewall type issues, as I can validate snmp and get through and get syscontact and syslocation. I'm using snmpv2 so I shouldn't have to set up views or anything else beyond community and managing devices on the Netscaler right?

      I'm running Orion 9.1 SP5 with an up to date MIB database, Netscaler 7000 is running NS8.1. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

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          If the Device does not support the Interfaces MIB, more than likely the device is not using the RFC1213 MIBs.

          Best thing to do is to run a MIB Walk on the Device, you can download the Eval Version of Toolset if you do not have a copy, and see what OIDs respond, If it does not respond correctly, then see if the Vendor has a Firmware update to correct this issue.