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    SNMPv3 Views


      We are experimenting with NPM in a prototype environment and are trying to understand the role of SNMP views within the Cisco IOS environment. My understanding is that views can be used to restrict or allow access for an SNMP user to specific MIB objects. As the SNMP user is NPM in this case, why not omit views entirely so that NPM has access to all MIB objects? In other words, would this configuration work?

      snmp-server group StdGroup v3 priv
      snmp-server user StdUser StdGroup v3 auth sha [Password] priv des56 [Encryption-key]

      We have noticed that, when we omit explicitly defined SNMP views in our IOS configuration, we can't download the MIB table using the MIB viewer in the Engineer's Toolset. Are there other reasons we need explicitly defined views for NPM? I should also note that we intend to deploy NCM and NTA along with NPM.

      Thanks in advance -- Brent