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    Universal Device Poller Display Info


      I've created a simple UnDP to count the interfaces on my User VPN devices. This count (-4) equals the number of users currently on the machines. The poller is working OK. What I am trying to figure out is how to display the poller results simply as a number on the Webchart that displays if an operator clicks on the device. I would also REALLY like it if there were some way to display this number below the map icon for the device. My big network map has an object "VPN Devices" which is a submap containing all my vpn machines, user, branch etc etc. When you click to open this container you are presented with a simple scree with the devices I loaded into the submap. Under the submap is a listing of all the devices with headers

      NETWORK OBJECT   DESCRIPTION   STATUS. Is there some way I could add a column with a Session Count label showing a raw count derived from my custom poller? Any other means to display the raw count results from the poller easily on the maps?

      Thanks Much