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    Volumes Advanced Alerts


      Our server team has finally come round to the idea that using alerts on NPM is worth doing. So I've been given the task of setting these up.

      I have a couple of questions.

      1. They want an alert to trigger when the disk space goes below a certain level, in the trigger condition and I set it up to alert when any given volume goes below say 5gig can I just put in 5 or does it need to be the bytes equivalent so 5368709120?

      2. If I just allow the above to trigger for any volume, given in volume view it includes physical and virtual memory will these also trigger on a general volume alert?



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          What I do is label the volumes that I want to monitor (so that I dont monitor /tmp and other always full volumes) with a custom property.

          I then create two different alerts to fire at 85% and 90% usage, where my custom property is also in place. The 85% is the warning shot, and the 90% is considered critical. That way I can monitor my 1110 volumes with just two alerts, and it works perfect for our environment. You should be able to set up similar alerts for low end thresholds instead of high.

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