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    Network Link Status



      At present we are running NPM 9.5. I have used the Network Atlas to generate a map of one of our networks. Incidently this network has had some recent failures and I so I am able to see what the map would look like with a genuine failure situation.

      I have tried to search for a sollution to my issue, but have not been successful.

      The issue is basically that we want any "down" reason to give a red Network Link. Even if a router interface is administratively down we want that to make the link red, NOT green as it is today. This is just so the guys/gals monitoring this 24/7 can  get a quick overview. Even of the currently downed links, especially in case of manual reroutes etc. 

      Do any of you know if there are any sollutions to this? Currently I have set the link status to be sensed on both end interfaces.


      Ole Andre