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    Making sense of SNMP traps (liebert)


      I'm pretty new to Orion. I have a basic understanding of SNMP polling, trapping and alerting. I'm trying to get more informative, and much SHORTER, SNMP traps from my Liebert units.

      I'm using Orion Version 9.1.0 - Oct 2008, Trap viewer 9.1.5. I have downloaded and installed the latest MIB database, (I think I did it right)

      In the universal device poller I have all three of my devices: (1) NPower600, and (2) Deluxe System 3 HVAC units listed under the Emerson Vendor. But none of them have assigned pollers. (until just now)

      I just added the CRAC pollers from content exchange, and applied them. They now show up as pollers. But here is where I'm getting confused as to where to go.

      What I need: an efficient way to forward Traps to the facilities manager via text or email when a specific condition happens. For example I want to know if the humidity level is critical, or get a water under the floor etc.

      What I'm doing now: for these three devices I'm simply forwarding all SNMP traps to his email/text. They don't make a lot of sense however as the messages have the OID numbers and are quite lengthy. He still needs to log in and find out exactly what is going on.

      I would like to be able to do more custom alerting like I do with Nodes and interfaces, but I'm a big fan of keeping it simple stupid.

      Can someone enlighten me what I'm missing? Thanks!