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    Convert Trap to Alert?



      Does anyone know of a way to convert an SNMP Trap to a Solarwinds Alert? 


      We have 9.1 SP3 and are already using extensive Advanced Alerts to send emails, but I'd like to add online alert management (so an Operator can acknowledge the alerts).  This functionality is working already, but we also have SNMP Traps that come in to the server from other sources, and there is no way to acknowldge them or clear them from the view.

      For example, I have an automated file transfer process that, when it fails, sends a Trap to the Solarwinds console.  This trap shows up in the Trap Summary, but it's completely static. 

      If I can get this to become an Alert, then it will show up in the Alert screen and then the Operator can acknowledge them... plus they'll only have to watch one screen instead of two.

      It looks like there is built-in functionality to turn Alerts in to Traps, but not the other way around.

      Is there a way to use the "trap rule" function in the Trap Viewer to inject alerts in to Solarwinds? 

      Does anyone out there know of a way to make this work?