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    IPAM refresh


      Please, please, PLEASE fix IPAM so it doesn't refresh the entire list of subnets every time it switches from one subnet to the next to scan. Very annoying.

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          Sorry you are having trouble. I've sent this over to the Product Manager so he has it. Also, have you opened a support ticket on it.


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              Well I don't think it's really a tech support issue. What happens is that when I'm using the program, every time it switches to a new subnet to scan, it rebuilds the whole list of subnets on the left side and freezes the program until it finishes that. Does it not do that for everybody? If not, then maybe I do need to open a ticket, but it has behaved that way for me on every version of the software I've ever installed.

              At one time I thought it might be because I store the database file on a network drive, but I've tried putting it on my local machine and it still does the same thing.

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              I TOTALLY agree.  While we are waiting on approval to buy the Orion Module IPAM, we are using the Engineers toolset to keep track of the subnets.  I get alot of complaints about how you have to set the settings to ping slowly to do any updates.

              ALSO, can it be updated so that you can change all the subnets options at once?  Updating the scan frequesncy on 480 subnets is a show stopper.....