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    NPM 9.5 SP2 and Browser Integration buttons

      I would like someone to provide clear instructions on how to get the browser integration buttons to work in NPM 9.5 SP2 with IE8.  I use Putty for our telnet / SSH client.  It seems all the other buttons work - RDP, ping, etc. but telnet and SSH only attempts to open a browser window instead of actually attempting to make a telnet and/or SSH connection as clicked.

      I have been frustrated with this for months with more than one NPM version, and I cannot find any good information on how to make it work at all in any form, let alone Putty.  I would think it would be a regular question so much so that you would find a FAQ, some documentation, or any other common resources to solve this matter.  Unless I am just looking right past it, I find none.

      Please advise on how to make the buttons work properly - with Putty even better.