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    SFLOW agent ip vs source ip address - can they be different ?


      Hi - I have a foundry bigiron RX switch running 2.5e code - setup sflow with the agent IP on the switch correctly choosing the loopback ip address as the "sflow agent IP".  However when NTA sees the sflow packets come in, it complains it's an unmanaged node because it's not seeing the "agent IP" as the source of the packets... it's seeing the last routed interface out of the switch as the source of the IP packet

      Foundry/Brocade tech is telling me that this is normal behavior and conforms to sflow v5 spec... doesn't make sense to me that it is...considering that every other service you set a "source-interface" on works fine. 

      Can someone tell me if this is normal ?  shouldn't the "agent IP address" be the actual source IP address in the overall packet ? with the destination being the NTA IP address ?

      Or is it that the sflow collector is not reading the packets correctly ?