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    Which Ip address management solution?

      Hi there.I am looking for IP address management solution that automatically refresh database which include information in order to identify an IP address down to the physical location (i.e ip address,vlan,switch ip,access port switch).This tool should diferentiate between a mac-address connected to a port trunk and a access port switch,otherwise information provided wouldn't be accurate to identify port switch a workstation belongs.

      We have over 300 switches of different brands (3com,cisco,nortel,avaya) and a very dynamic assignation of ip address to workstations.Recently, for one reason we had to spot a seemingly attacking workstation in one of our vlans and it took longer than we thought to spot physical location of attacking workstation.it's not a job for "Show mac-address" in thousands of  switches.

      It seems Solarwinds offers two products with similar functions that cover ip address management: Orion IPAM and Lansurveyor.Can anyone tell me which one address this problem best?

      Thank you