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    how to set aside IP addresses for intended uses?


      I understand the concept of "Reserved" in IPAM, but I would also like to be able to designate certain IP ranges for certain intended uses.

      For example, if I add a subnet without adding the IP addresses at the same time, I can then add ranges of addresses under that subnet. I would like to be able designate a range for a certain use, e.g. for routers or switches or printers. Se what I mean?

      In other words, how can I designate certain IP ranges as set aside for defined uses without designating them as Reserved in the IPAM sense of the word?

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          I believe what you ultimately are looking for is a subnet template which would allow you to set a standard subnet definition when  you add a new subnet, correct?  You cannot do this in IPAM today, however, what you can do as an alternative is you can define and set custom fields at the IP level and then set that custom field to be the intended use or target, for example printers or server etc.

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              Template, yes!   This proposed solution is rather inelegant (or even unworkable) for a number of reasons.  Including the challenge in making multiple changes ... export/bulk import is a work-around to mass changes but we really need the ability to select groups of devices and be able to mult-edit shared/common fields, such as a custom field.

              But the custom field also cannot be set for IPs that are "Available" so this doesn't really work as a mechanism to define a "name range" or template within a subnet/vlan.       These IPs could be marked as "Reserved" but that isn't really a clear indication either, because what we really mean here is more like "Available but Restricted".

              So, please consider this a feature request, the ability to define a subnet "template" or otherwise identify named usage of ranges within a subnet.   Using the "IP Range" function for example would be nice if it included the option to "name" the range and subsequently group the IPs within the range visually.