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    NTA 3.5 last data receive never?

      I have netflow configure on my routers but one of them is giving me problems.  It seems to never update and i cant click on the interface like the other routers do.   I see the packets updating, snmp setting are correct.  Is there a port that need to get unblock or something.  thanks for any inputs.


      UpFastEthernet0/0 ·  Connection to FW70.38 Kbps219.8 Kbpsnever
      UpFastEthernet0/1 -  Fa0/12.89 bps101.73 bpsever
      UpSerial0/1/0 ·  $ES_WAN$$FW_OUTSIDE$219.52 Kbps71.04 Kbps