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    Log Forwarder Production Release Candidate - download here


      Log Forwarder for Windows is a utility that, when installed on your Windows Servers, will allow you to forward Windows Events as Syslog to your Kiwi Syslog Server. 

      This version includes:

      • Support for Windows XP, 2000, Vista, 2008
      • Fully extensible filtering of Events
      • Silent install support using MSI (e.g. for use with Microsoft SMS)
      • Built-in help documentation
      • Bug fixes for things found in beta1 and beta2

      Things to know:

      • You can install the RC in production.  At this point, the only bugs we are fixing are those found by customers, so if no bugs are found, the RC will be the GA build.
      • Please continue to post Log Forwarder 1.0 bugs to the Beta forum.  Only a certain group of people have Log Forwarder 1.0 RC, so posting to general Thwack threads will confuse everyone.
      • The RC build will be upgradable to the GA build.  We don’t support Beta-to-Beta upgrades or Beta-to-RC upgrades, but we absolutely will support RC-to-RC or RC-to-GA upgrades.

      You may download the bits here:


      Please, please let us know about any issues you find (include Log Forwarder in the subject of your posts).  The goal of releasing this to you early is to ensure any issues are found while the 1.0 customer base is small and we can respond rapidly.  We want this to be another great release and you are a critical part of that process.

      Thanks in advance for your help!