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    Feature Request: APM Structure


      I am not sure if this is achievable, but I would like to see another tier in the way that APM Templates are structured.

      I will try my best to explain our scenario.

      We have a service catalouge which lists all of the services that we (ICT) deliver to our customers. We would like to be able to place a category against each template and then base the APM view on the category of the templates.

      We have tried to create a custom field called "ICT_Catalogue" within SolarWinds Custom Property Editor, but this doesn't quite meet our needs as this will only allow a node to be a part of a specific Application. Some servers deliver more than one service to our customers.

      The versions we are currently running is:

      Orion: 9.0 SP3

      APM 2.0


      If this can't be done, I believe there maybe another way I can achieve this by creating a blank template that equals the name of the service, assigning this to the nodes and then edit each individual node.