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    Obtaining the Dell servers Temp


      I am using Orion 9.1 SP5 and am displaying our Dell servers Temps by using "DellTemperatureProbeReadingRounded"  ( devided by 10).

      The thing is I think this just adds all the temps it finds and give me an average?  The Problem I find is that  the CPU can have a higher threshold than the Ambient Temp etc giving an unrelaistic temp.

      What Temp are you monitoring?

      The only temps I can find in the Dell OpenManager is shown below (not sure which would be best to monitor):

       When I monitor the "DellTemperatureProbeReadingRounded" I get around 48 Degree Celcius from the above I think.

      In the Mib walker (Engineers Tool set v10) I see these 2 groups of data, both relate to each other as one is the names and one is the value, so is it possible in Orion to show column 1 with the name and column 2 with the value reading:

       For example:

      BMC Ambient Temp = 26

      PROC_1 Temp = 49

      Seems I'd have to devide by 10 too.