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    Independent Service Monitor


      I think there should be an independent App (for configuration) & service (that alerts) to monitor the NPM server and SQL database server.

      What I find odd is that if I loss the SQL server that is hosting my database, I don't get an alert or if my monitoring server goes down, I don't get an alert, or if certain ORION services fail, I don't get an alert.

      I think it would be nice to open an app on serverX.

      1. Tell it the name of my NPM server (serverY) be shown a list of Services. Select the services that I want to monitor. 
      2. Tell it the name of my SQL server (serverZ). Have base query run against the DB.
      3. setup SMTP Alert info
      4. Select how often service will run (every 5/10/15/30) minutes
      5. Have app create a service monitor based upon the criteria I selected.
      6. Service runs every X minutes that was selected
      7. Service alerts if:
      • SQL query fails
      • NPM Service fails
      • NPM or SQL server is unavailable

      I currently have a script that does this, but I would like to see an independent app/service from solarwinds that perform this action. I find it funny that I have to create or run another monitor to monitor my monitoring environment. This should be something that NPM does for me with an independed application/service.

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          Good idea, would alerting be a requirement or what if you have an app that ran on your desktop that monitored the service?

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              My vision would be this service would reside on any server, except those hosting Orion Functions or the SQL Database. So let's assume Print Server.

              On the Print Server I Launch ORION IMS (Independent Monitor Service).

              1. I enter my NPM server(s), ORION specific services are located and added for monitoring.
              2. I enter my SQL server name and select the database. I enter a SQL query to execute.
              3. I enter my SMTP settings
              4. I enter service frequency 5/10/15/30 minutes
              5. I click update service
              6. Service install, xml or ini file created with preferences.
              7. When service is successful, info entered into ORION DB, so I can see it NPM.
              8. If a check fails, the ORION IMS service triggers an email: example
              • Subject:ORION IMS detected an issue
              • Body1: Process Orion Services failed. Service <name> is in status <state> 
              • Body2: Process SQL Check failed. SQL query did not return expected value. 

              During the day I can open NPM and I can check the ORION IMS status page for information.

              This service would be beneficial if at night my NPM server crash, if SQL server crashed, there are other scenerios as well.