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    Support for backup software

      Hi all,

      We are looking for a monitoring system right now but ran into some trouble choosing the right sollution.

      I love the way Orion monitors all the devices but we whant to get a visual of the back-up errors also. We now use a support mailbox where all the messages about failed/ successful jobs are. We have to check those on a daily base to verify every system. What would be great is something that would sort out all those messages and created an allert in Orion for that failed device/ customer. I ask this because altough backup exec supports event logs and snmp traps we also use various online back-up tools witch do not. They just send out e-mails.

      So what i was thinking about doing: create a pop mailbox to collect all log files, and create alerts based on a rule system to send to orion.

      Anyone with the same problem (hopefully with a solution as well)