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    Integration of thwack into Orion products

      Orion Users,

            I am working with Denny on a plan to display and best use thwack from within our products.  I would love to know your ideas about how you would like to see this work.  Our ideas include things as basic as displaying the latest posts and are as integrated as seamless upload and download from the Content Exchange.  Please tell me what you would like to see!




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          This is my opinion so please take it as such.

          As a MSP who utilizes several servers for different clients I hate that Thwack is a default addition to the summary page and the menu bar.  Every server I setup I remove it.  My Orion servers are to monitor client networks only.  Myself and the members of my team can go to the Thwack site on our own without it added into the Orion server.  While I truly value the Thwack forums and think they are a great tool I don't need them on 9 different Solarwinds installations.