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    Memory usage charts do not match


      maybe the answer is the same like in >100% Usage, but in that case the chart description seems to be wrong.

      A colleague told me that the memory utilization chart seems to be wrong for his Win2003 Server, so I compared all physical memory charts for this server and thy do not really match


      Here is the chart for the generall memory utilization



      Here are the two charts from the "physical Memory drive"



      So the shapes look similar, but the values are differnt - why?

      the "physical drive" seem to have the correct values.



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          Hi Oliver,

          The "Memory" Usage and the "Physical Memory" Utilization are calculated differently by Orion NPM.


          The Memory is the sum of the memory used by the processes listed in the HOST-RESOURCES-MIB:hrSWRunPerfTable (

          The OID used is the hrSWRunPerfMem (

          Physical Memory:

          The Physical Memory is calculated based on the values populated in the HOST-RESOURCES-MIB:hrStorageTable (

          The OIDs used are hrStorageSize (, hrStorageUsed ( and hrStorageAllocationUnits ( .

          Depending how the SNMP agent on the host is reporting values, it can lead to some discrepancies between the two results.

          I would advise you to use the most accurate between both and unmanage the other element.

          Results will vary depending of the plaftorms.

          I hope this helps you.