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    Custom HTML or Text Issue


      I am attempting to use Custom HTML or Text on a Node view to put specific information about each individual node along with specific links for devices on that node.  For instance quick links to the web interface to the UPS the equipment is attached, links to our environmental monitoring equipment for the room the equipment is in, etc.

      The problem I am experiencing is that the Custom HTML or Text box is not specific to the individual Node.  The information I enter is displayed on every node screen so I can only do global info/links instead of node specific. 

      Perhaps I am adding the Custom HTML or Text box incorrectly.  I am opening the Admin page, clicking on Manage Views, select Node Details, click the Edit button, click button to add a resource, select Custom HTML and Text.  Would that be correct?

      Any insight would be appreciated.

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          You are correct in that Custom HTML or Text is not node-specific.  This goes for practically any resource, at least view-wise.  If you edit the parameters of a graph, for instance, it will change that graph on every page of every node that uses that view. 

          Unfortunately, it does not appear as though you can insert variables into the HTML code to make your links be node-specific.  Maybe someone knows of a way to do this and can share?