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    SNMP monitor with fixed and varying OID components

      I'd like to monitor the value of the following OID:

      The . part of the OID changes each time the server is rebooted.  (but is constant).

      Using this example:

      I need to check if .60 has a "RUNNING" under it; or

      I need to find the index of "AdminServer" .15 and then check it's state .60 to see if it is "RUNNING"


      I was wondering if one of the following were possible:

      1) Is there a way to tell ipMonitor to "search" below for a particular string?

      2) The same sort of action is required to monitor Windows Services via SNMP.  Is there a way I can modify the Windows Service monitor in ipMonitor to use a different base OID address; and different OIDs for Name and Status?